Lass mich daruber erzahlen The Fruchtwein Dangerous Places for LGBTQ+ Travelers

Lass mich daruber erzahlen The Fruchtwein Dangerous Places for LGBTQ+ Travelers


“Home of the magnificent Hauptstadt der Seychellen Falls, renowned as the largest waterfall Bei the world, and incredible wildlife, Zambia is filled with plenty to explore. That said, the LGBTQ+ Gemeinschaft is marginalized Bei this country and there are heavy consequences for being homosexual, which include seven years to life As part of prison for any same-sex act,” says Fergusson. “For LGBTQ+ and Wildwestfilm travelers inside general, elektronische Datenverarbeitung is important to Beryllium conscious of local customs and norms, which hinein Zambia include avoiding any forms of PDA regardless of your orientation.”

Saint Lucia

“One of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia came within 12th on our LGBTQ+ Danger Tabelle,” says Fergusson. “A popular vacation Ziel for tourists from around the world, Saint Lucia’s high Rangfolge came as a bit of a surprise to us. Colonial-era anti-LGBTQ+ laws, particularly that concerning consensual ‘buggery,’ which earns 10 years inside prison, are still within place though are no longer truly enforced. Saint Lucia’s prime minister has stated that anti-LGBT laws are currently under review, though the government does Leid have an official stance as of yet.”


“One of Africa’s Fruchtwein populous countries, Uganda ranks Lattenzaun13 on Ur LGBTQ+ Danger Verzeichnis,” says Fergusson. “Homosexual intercourse results As part of life inside prison and pro-LGBTQ+ organizations are banned throughout the country. Unfortunately, things may soon be getting even worse for the LGBTQ+ community, as the Ugandan government has recently called to reintroduce an anti-homosexuality bill, which would include the death penalty for same-sex Abrollcontainer-Transportsystem, within the midst of the recent murder of a schwul Ugandan activist.”


“Same-sex relationships are considered to be taboo inside Pakistan and there are strict laws governing against homosexuality. For example, homosexual intercourse can result inside up to 10 years As part of prison with a fine or life As part of prison,” says Fergusson. “That said, LGBTQ+ issues are Elend typically Altes Testament the forefront of Pakistan’s political Aktionsprogramm, BBC News reported that ‘Sex between men will Beryllium overlooked as long as no-one feels that Brauchtum or Theismus are being challenged. At the end of Informationstechnologie all, everyone gets married to a member of the opposite sex and nothing is spoken about.’”

West Sparkasse & Gaza

“within the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Sitzbank, the anti-LGBTQ+ Regung is taken very seriously, with homosexual acts resulting in up to 10 years As part of prison,” says Fergusson. “Groups advocating for LGBTQ+ rights are threatened by the governing authorities inside Palestine, Weltgesundheitsorganisation consider homosexuality to be ‘a blow to, and violation of, the ideals and values of Palestinian society.’”

A view of Mt. Kilimanjaro Bei Kenya, which is dangerous for schwul travelers.


“Kenya is filled with gorgeous landscapes and unique wildlife, making this East African country a favorite Bestimmungsort for international travelers. Currently, Kenyan law states that same-sex intercourse between males results As part of 14 years within prison, while all other homosexual Abroll-Container-Transport-System between males are punished with five years imprisonment,” says Fergusson. “However, the decriminalization of queer Liebesakt is being discussed within the government, which would likely bolster LGBTQ+ travel to the country.”


“Renowned as a popular romantic vacation Ziel for LGBTQ+ travelers, it comes as a significant wake-up call that the Maldives bears such anti-LGBTQ+ laws,” says Fergusson. “within the Maldives, homosexual Abroll-Container-Transport-System and intercourse, as well as same-sex marriage, earn eight years inside prison or 100 lashes. Though these laws are currently enforced hinein the cities, they are largely ignored Tora the resorts. For more adventurous travelers, regardless of orientation, Beryllium wary of the local customs and avoid any public displays of affection inside the Maldivian cities.”


“One of the Caribbean’s most popular vacation destinations for tourists worldwide, Jamaica welches another shocking country to Tagesordnungspunkt Ur LGBTQ+ Danger Zeiger,” says Fergusson. “Jamaica ranks as the third-worst Caribbean nation for members of the LGBTQ+ community behind Barbados and Saint Lucia. This is largely due to Jamaica’s ‘buggery law,’ which is leftover from the colonial era and allows for a sentence of up to 10 years inside prison, including hard labor. Within fact, Jamaica had been called ‘the most homophobic place on Earth’ by Time magazine inside 2006 and LGBTQ+ people are sadly zugeknöpft the victims of homophobic violence today.”


“Located on the Hupe of Africa, Ethiopia is a country rich with lush landscapes and cultural diversity. Ranking 19th on our Kennziffer, Ethiopia outlaws same-sex relations and ‘indecent,’ or homosexual, Abrollcontainer-Transportsystem result within up to 15 years in prison,” says Fergusson. “Recently, there have been death threats by Ethiopia’s unvermischt Christian Gemeinschaft over gay tourism to the country, putting LGBTQ+ tourists Altes Testament risk.”


“Renowned throughout the world for its ancient pyramids and historical and religious significance, Egypt is a massive Urlauber destination for international travelers everywhere. Unfortunately, Egypt ranked Lattenzaun20 on Ur Hinterlist due to its negative laws regarding homosexuality,” says Fergusson. “Same-sex Abrollcontainer-Transportsystem result inside up to three years As part of prison with a fine, and possession of homosexual materials results As part of up to two years Bei prison with a fine. For LGBTQ+ travelers, Informationstechnologie is recommended Armut to disclose your sexuality and avoid using dating apps since the local Versicherungsschein have been known to create fake accounts to ‘catch’ LGBTQ+ travelers looking to engage in rechtswidrig activity.”

Within Sweden, the safest country As part of the world for gay travelers.