Content study: Textual qualities off profiles perceived as modern

Content study: Textual qualities off profiles perceived as modern

Hypothesis 1 proposed that perceived profile text originality increases perceptions of profile owners’ intelligence which, in turn, positively affect perceptions of profile owners’ attractiveness and dating intention. Results indicated that perceived text originality was indeed a significant predictor of perceived intelligence: owners of profile texts that scored higher on originality also received higher scores on perceived intelligence, b = 0.56, SE = 0.03, p

The second hypothesis stated that perceived profile text originality positively affects attractiveness perceptions and dating intention through higher humor perceptions. As hypothesized, higher scores on perceived profile text originality significantly predicted higher scores on humor perceptions, b = 0.45, SE = 0.02, p

Hypothesis 3 posed that perceived profile text originality negatively impacts attractiveness and dating intentions through increased oddness perceptions. In contrast with H3, higher profile text originality scores led to lower scores on perceptions of profile owners’ oddness, b = -0.21, SE = 0.04, p

After handling with the mediators, identified text message originality no longer is a life threatening predictor of the many about three attractiveness size, showing complete mediation (physical: b = -0.04, SE = 0.03, p = .268, CI: -0.10, 0.03, social: b = 0.03, SE = 0.03, p = .385, CI: -0.04, 0.09, romantic: b = 0.03, SE = 0.05, p = .five hundred, CI: -0.07, 0.13). It seems one recognized reputation text creativity just impacts the latest appeal variables from the around three mediating variables. This new mediators partially mediate the outcome off detected character text message creativity on dating intention, as the head effect has been extreme immediately after managing on mediators, b = 0.04, SE = 0.01, p = .007, CI: 0.01, 0.07. Therefore, text creativity influences matchmaking purposes due to increased attitudes out-of cleverness and you may spontaneity and you will reduced perceptions from oddness. Although not, creativity together with personally has an effect on relationship purposes, implying you to definitely additional factors might subsequent explain so it relationships Fig step 3.

Results of the four mediation analyses displaying that the effect of perceived profile text originality on (a) physical attractiveness is mediated by perceived intelligence and humor, and that the effect of profile text originality is mediated by perceived intelligence, humor, and oddness for (b) social attractiveness, (c) romantic attractiveness, and (d) dating intention, but for oddness in the opposite direction than hypothesized. The coefficients represent the unstandardized coefficients. Note. ** p


The fresh feeling studies verified our theory one sensed reputation text message creativity affects feeling formation. People who own profiles scoring large towards text creativity was in fact analyzed because the much more intelligent and you will humorous and, therefore, much more glamorous, help H1 and you will H2. Although not, compared with all of our requirement, highest text message originality score adversely affected thinking regarding profile user’s oddness. H3 wasn’t served: Higher results for the identified oddness got a negative influence on appeal, but people who own even more brand spanking new profiles were not named even more, however, once the shorter, strange.

These investigation indicated that, total, perceptions out of reputation text originality undoubtedly connect with impressions of character user’s character and you can attractiveness. However, these types of overall performance don’t let you know which specific popular features of the brand new reputation text message affect attitudes out of originality. For this reason, we currently consider a content research to identify and therefore character text functions increase attitudes from creativity.


Within this area, i determine the two stages of your coding process that were undertaken contained in this exploratory data to respond to the research question to the the latest textual features you to assume the new identified originality from matchmaking reputation messages. This point very first profile toward qualitative analyses i did so you’re able to collect a good codebook including numerous fundamental groups that were captured by the different features, with a in depth breakdown of one’s content research stage in which all the 308 pages were coded for the 15 provides of the codebook. The whole codebook are in the web based Secondary Material as well as on OSF.