To their way, they came across Ye Sheng’s looks, with a mystical bronze instance secured to help you their straight back

To their way, they came across Ye Sheng’s looks, with a mystical bronze instance secured to help you their straight back

They chose to just take him right back to own a proper burial. Mingfei transmitted you if you find yourself Nono sent happening. Suddenly the newest palace begun to crumble, each other just managing to flee thanks to Little finger and you may Norma’s let. Nono plus observed a leak in Mingfei’s match and you will decided to bring him hers if you are she kept her breath up to they might get to the facial skin. Shortly after apologizing so you can him to have getting him at risk, this new diving bell sunk from the body discover all of them aside. Just before entering they, Norton turned up and impaled Nono’s torso together with his end. Powerless, Mingfei passed out and woke right up from inside the a vision, and he try sleep in the a cruising motorboat.

The initial price [ ]

“Features that girl altered you that much? For thousands of years, you’ve been so interested in multiple one thing, however you would have never offered to do anything such as this in advance of. Cousin, you just dropped toward my pitfall”.

Regarding vessel, Lu Minzge asked your making him a deal: He would provide Mingfei the fresh new cheating codes the guy must save your self Nono and you can defeat the brand new dragon queen, in return for the authority to 25 % out of his lifetime. Nono had currently destroyed ninety% away from their unique bloodstream and you may Mingfei was defenseless against Norton.

Away from solutions, Mingfei accepted the deal. Mingze gave him limitless strength to own a short span of your time, the ability to explore a beneficial yanling ability away from their solutions, one to entry to “Cannot Die”, and you will a strong weapon. Mingfei chosen Caesar’s skill and you can Mingze unsealed the latest bronze instance, and you may a collection of swords came out. Mingfei find the quickest that, hence had been brand new bad one to according to Mingze.

Immediately after making the brand new sight, Mingfei made use of the requirements to get out of dive bell, fix Nono and you may face the brand new dragon king. The elevated reading provided with Caesar’s skill 1st overrun your, but the guy grabbed benefit of their enhanced stamina in order to stab Norton’s humanoid system on bust, while making him sink into bottom of your lake. Signaling the newest dive bell, the new team of one’s boat got them back once again to protection.

Aftermath [ ]

Norton was in the long run murdered by a philosopher’s stone round attempt from the Sakatoku Mai. Caesar in earlier times fought the latest dragon queen within epidermis and addressed to hit your on the advanced torpedo. Cassell College try unaware of Mingfei and you may Mai’s roles in the battle and considered Caesar as the only real one responsible for Norton’s beat, thus he was seen as a dragon slayer. Mingfei had an interviewing the primary, which assured him advanced level levels so long as the this site guy published an effective thesis in regards to the mission. The principal as well as provided him a page out-of their mother, whom congratulated him to own their profits into the goal and you may shown their own satisfaction having him. Mingfei teared upwards after discovering they and kept the bedroom. Anjou grabbed Mingfei’s 3E exam of his dining table, noticing that Mingfei drew themselves resting by window with Lu Mingze, exactly who Anjou recognized.

Romantic days celebration [ ]

After relieving, Mingfei is actually mortified to see his photos on purpose released with the Night-watchman community forum. Not only did the fresh new images leave out their heroics but captured your within his most shameful minutes. Mingfei in the near future know the pictures was in fact provided by Fist. Caesar interrupted its conflict and you may expected them for the majority pepper. The two was basically amazed observe your not only in its dormitory building however, wear an apron. It then followed its bar chairman towards kitchen, in which he was cooking pizza with Chu Zihang. Finger informed me the sort off Valentine’s day in order to Mingfei as well as how the latest affair prompted the brand new rivals to participate pushes in order to persuade Nono and you may Susie to get out of the space.