Chatbot Use Cases: What Bots Can Do for Different Industries

common chatbot use cases

The concept works well for any industry, whether you have a SaaS business or a restaurant. Messaging app bots provide you with continuity that a web bot usually lacks. On the other hand, once someone opts in for your WhatsApp messages, you are free to send notifications and engage in conversations on a long-term basis.

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Google PaLM 2 AI Model: Everything You Need to Know.

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AI chatbots like ChatGPT are great measures for developing leads and working with agencies’ sales pipelines. To effectively turn a lead into customers, markets can utilize special features provided by ChatGPT like its capability to remember previous conversations. While the results and data are limited to 2021, they can still provide original answers and data. The AI chatbot also tends to improve its responses by learning from the interactions taking place with the user. A big concern for healthcare professionals and patients alike is the ability to provide and receive “humanized” care from a chatbot. However, you should be careful that if used in an inappropriate context, AI chatbots can be real buzzkills and hurt rather than help.

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Teams have limited time left over to offer employees the individual attention they need when handling sensitive personal issues. With the rise of emerging technologies like AI and wearable technology, chatbots are opening up new avenues for businesses to engage with their audiences. Let’s take a look at the top 7 benefits of chatbots, and have a better understanding of how they can contribute to your business.

common chatbot use cases

But there are hundreds or even thousands of chatbot use cases for businesses like yours. The customers of today expect to get what they want and need as quickly as possible. And when it comes to customer needs, they’re more specific than ever before. For example, your chatbot project is much more likely to be successful if you start with the most common questions or the most time-consuming questions from customers. From there, you can consider whether those can or should become self-service chatbot journeys—or whether they’re so complicated that leaving them as is would be better for customer satisfaction.

Limitations of a Chatbot

A conversational AI chatbot can easily automate these tasks post credential verification. This feedback concerning doctors, treatments, and patient experience has the potential to change the outlook of your healthcare institution, all via a simple automated conversation. But the problem arises when there are a growing number of patients and you’re left with a limited staff. In an industry where uncertainties and emergencies are persistently occurring, time is immensely valuable. Once this data is stored, it becomes easier to create a patient profile and set timely reminders, medication updates, and share future scheduling appointments.

common chatbot use cases

In this test, I explained that I was having issues with part of the music player. Then the chatbot asked me about what platform I was playing music through. The support chatbot in the Pandora web app, for instance, does some of the work that a support rep would otherwise have to do. If you remember these names, you’ll note that chatbots certainly have a checkered past.

HR chatbot

HR chatbot can take this burden off your HR department’s shoulders and collect feedback engagingly by chatting with all or specific employees. For example, you want to gather feedback about a recent event you have held, and instead of sending a boring Google Form, you can design an engaging survey inside the chatbot. You can also add the element of gamification and send fun quizzes and surveys via the chatbot that will boost the completion rates.

What is a use case in AI?

AI in Marketing and Sales Use Cases

AI in marketing and sales use cases are all results-driven applications. Starting from brand/product promotions, and pre-sales, to lead generation, lead management, and lead tracking, everything can be streamlined using AI-tech powered software applications.

The growing challenge is to handle repetitive tasks to empower teams across various departments. You can bring the convenience of ITSM chatbot to your service desk teams in many ways. You can either leverage integrations or spend more than your IT budget to get it through an embedded feature inside an enterprise package.

Implementing Chatbot Technology

Your chatbot can fetch previous data and address them by their names when it comes to your returning customers. This will let the customer know that the business remembers them and offer recommendations that prompt them to make a purchase. Now that we’ve identified different types of chatbots, let’s look at how they can be implemented for your business. Businesses come across multiple types of chatbots that they can use on their website for various purposes. This section aims to cover some of the prominent types of chatbots that you should know of before getting a chatbot tool for your business. Before we dive into chatbot uses, let’s understand the types of chatbots first.

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What is PaLM 2: Google’s new large language model explained.

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Then, bots try to turn the interested users into customers with offers and through conversation. You can use chatbots to guide your customers through the marketing funnel, all the way to the purchase. Bots can answer all the arising questions, suggest products, and offer promo codes to enrich your marketing efforts. Chatbots can also push the client down the sales funnel by offering personalized recommendations and suggest similar products for upsell.

Streamlining Customer Queries

It’s common to sometimes forget an important payment or instalment date. Does standing in a long bank queue to get your pass-book updated annoy you as a customer? Believe me, when I say – everybody wants to avoid unnecessary bank visits, including your bank customers. We no longer live in a world where you need to physically go somewhere for something that can be easily done from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, since you can integrate the bot with your internal hospital system, the bot can seamlessly transfer the data into it. It saves you the hassle of manually adding data and keeping physical copies that you fetch whenever there’s a returning patient.

common chatbot use cases

Your customers can use this tool to manage their loyalty points, making it easier for them to shop more often and earn more points. Using a chatbot in retail to pay bills might not be the first image that comes to mind. But if your company offers a credit card or if you’re a financial institution, a chatbot for retail can also help customers pay their bills the way they would in the store. An example of chatbot use cases with seamless customer service is the Kroger grocery chain.

Utilities and Professional Services

Your customers can connect with the bot to find out how much they owe and use it to process a secure payment. If your most loyal customers get access to personal stylists, your chatbot can help them book their appointments. During the booking process, the bot can ask questions and guide the conversation so the stylist has an idea of what kinds of looks to pull before your client ever comes into the store. Nordstrom lets Nordy Club rewards members check their account balances and find out information about their rewards by talking to chatbots. Read about our customers from your specific industry and discover unique ways you can use a chatbot to optimize your customer support and engagement. Most of the types of chatbots you’ve encountered are located in the corner of the website and only pop up when you interact with them.

How do you write a use case for a chatbot?

  1. Automate your website support.
  2. Support customers inside the mobile app.
  3. Handle internal helpdesk support.
  4. Chatbots help to collect customer feedback.
  5. Bots help in order confirmation & tracking shipping.
  6. Chatbots handle refunds & exchange requests efficiently.